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The menu, is simply a set of great ingredients, presented to the very best of their advantage…

No wheels are reinvented, you are just fed very well.

Jay Rayner 
The Guardian

Each dish is a subtle, untweezery, blob-defying knockout, a Mediterranean-scented celebration of produce as hero.

Marina O'Loughlin 
The Sunday Times Magazine

Toklas is more exciting than almost any other room in London… the courtyard level is thrust through the building above and hung out over Surrey Street as a terrace. You eat, suspended among the upper layers of the surrounding buildings, staring at the ceramic encrustation of the old Strand Tube station, realising how much of this part of London is actually Beaux Arts.

 Tim Hayward Financial Times

Luminous brioche laminations and thick slices of tarts blessed with citrus from Todoli are quotidian beauties.

Eater London

Photos by Jan Hendrik van der Westhuizen

Photos by Jan Hendrik van der Westhuizen

Photos by Jan Hendrik van der Westhuizen

Nicoise Lunch, 18 May


Join us for a special lunch with Rosa Jackson to celebrate her beautiful new cookbook, Nicoise. 
With its focus on olive oil, fresh produce, fish and grains, Rosa argues that Nicoise cuisine is closer to the food of the Mediterranean than the classical French menu. Rosa will be present, and will talk through the dishes, which will be cooked by the Toklas chefs. 
Come for Saturday lunch on the terrace, served and seated family style, to sample typical dishes including


Radish-top Soup with Ricotta and Chives
Salade Nicoise (the original recipe)
Petits Farcis
Chicken Bouillabaisse
Strawberry Tart

Vegetarian options will be available.


£75 per person, including Provence wine from Valerie Courreges, excluding service charge. 
A bottle of wine between two is included in the price. 

Photos by Jan Hendrik van der Westhuizen

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