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Chilean Wine Evolution
with Les Caves de Pyrene

Thursday 18th July, 7pm
Tasting 8 wines from the region

Join us for an exclusive wine tasting event designed to highlight the remarkable evolution of viticulture and vinification in Chile. This masterclass will be led by the esteemed Nacho Campos from Les Caves de Pyrene, who will share his extensive knowledge and passion for Chilean wines.


During this masterclass, we will explore the various stages of Chilean viticulture and vinification evolution. We will delve into the traditional methods, examine the influences of the Old World, discuss the innovative approaches of the "old new" ways, and finally, experience the sophisticated charm of what we refer to as the dandy's wine.


Accompanying this will be a small plates menu of Chilean inspired dishes, available from 5.30pm with the wine tasting itself running from 7-9pm.

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